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Peyton Miller

Moving from NJ to VA was a long process that took over a year. Peyton Miller faced all of our challenges with grace, kindness and patience. It wasn't always easy doing things from a distance, but she helped us every step of the way. We had some very specific "asks", some show-stoppers even, but Peyton hung in there with us until we found just the right home. In addition to telling us what we needed to know about the buying process, Peyton was also helpful in sharing wonderful information about living in the Valley for the first time. Peyton was sacrificial with her time and schedule. We could completely trust and respect her recommendations and felt very comfortable when we had to leave things in her capable hands. When we found the right house, we had a very tight window, based on the sale of our home in NJ. Peyton, along with her affiliates, made it happen in less than a month! We settled in NJ one day and in VA the next! It was such a blessing not to have to rent or pay for storage in between. A beautiful thing! In the end, we didn't just gain a new home that is perfect for us, we also gained a new friend! Thank you, Peyton!

Cynthia W.

Originally from Richmond, Peyton relocated to Harrisonburg in 2001 when she got married. She has lived in the Town of Bridgewater since 2006 and has a passion for promoting community involvement and collaboration within her town. After receiving her Masters in Education from James Madison University in 2009; investing her energy on her family and friends by leading mom’s groups, church groups, and running a variety of children’s programs at Covenant Presbyterian Church; and teaching Literature at Redeemer Classical School, Peyton decided to jump into the world of real estate. Having fallen in love with her home and community, Peyton now helps others find the same thing. She enjoys walking alongside individuals and families as they make the significant decision to purchase or sell a home. She handles all of the details and proactively tackles any obstacles, so that her clients are able to focus on the joys of finding a home and community of their own. When she is not working, Peyton enjoys reading, backpacking, and watching soccer.


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