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Zach Koops

My wife Kim and I are grateful for the professionalism, skill, trust, and work ethic of our Realtor, Zach Koops. From our first call until closing, Zach proved to be an outstanding listener ! As such, Zach knew what we were looking for towards our new home. He was most efficient in showing us homes that matched our interest. We appreciate the keen judgment and advice that Zach offered in regards to the offer that we presented. Once our offer was accepted, Zach stayed steps ahead of us in providing timely information for closing. We are most thankful for Zach's character and kind assistance throughout the entire process !

Larry L.

Having grown up in Maryland in an 18th century farmhouse my family decided to renovate, I’ve been surrounded by projects as long as I can remember.

There was always something to work on - whether I wanted to or not - so it didn’t take long for me to learn the value in seeing a project through to the end.

From peeling away layers of midcentury wallpaper to resurfacing the wormy oak floors, I was hooked on the reward of seeing my hard work restore beauty and purpose where it had decayed or been forgotten.

Consequently, I developed the skill to see potential where it is often overlooked - in houses, yes, but also in people.

As a career Realtor in Harrisonburg, it’s a welcomed challenge to help my clients identify their full potential so they can invest not only in a quality home, but a quality future.

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